The Foundation for Children with a Hearing Loss in Southern Africa  is committed to acting as a change agent for children with a hearing loss.

The Foundation’s establishment of Eduplex  – a mainstream school that includes 20% deaf children – was made possible by generous donations received from various individuals, foundations and corporate organisations throughout the world.

The Foundation provides bursaries for underprivileged deaf children who attend Eduplex and covers the school fees, two meals per day, aftercare support, audiological management, outings and in a number of cases even the school uniform.

The Foundation also raises funds for children who need cochlear implants. When hearing aids no longer offer enough amplification for children with severe hearing loss, cochlear implants are often the only option. Most children require an implant in both ears, and this can be costly for a young family as most medical aids only cover a small part of the cost. Click here to read more about cochlear implants.

Race 4 Better Hearing raises funds for underprivileged deaf children who need cochlear implants, as well as those who need bursaries to attend Eduplex. It also raises funds for the continuation of building projects at Eduplex, including the new sports and cultural complexes.

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